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Windows engage!

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, February 11, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey all!

Haha, talk about a call to action in that title! haha.

This week's update is not as huge as last week's, because GOD put me on a few other things for half of the week (and quite frankly I was super tired), but last night I got some more things done and I get to share with you all some of the other things and they will actually give you a little something to try out! :D

So, first things first!

 - Textured building
On the last post, I got to show you the WIP of a building that, turns out, will be the one used for the short as the king's abode. The reason I can do that is that there is a general consensus that king Ahasuerus is king Xerxes. Bear in mind that there was more than one Xerxes, but the map I have does not distinguish the two palaces from each other, except by calling one great and the other just the palace, so, we'll use this one, haha.

(Post roof adding and wall texturing, haha)

 - Windows Engage! (haha)
Now every building worth it's weight in bricks, need some windows, or they will have to stock up on oxygen and candles (not a very good combination, haha). So, GOD gave me a pretty design for the windows while I was considering the opening sequence, but I drew it quickly and the lower part of the design made the top part look, different... (not HIS fault - mine, for adding to it). A simple adjustment and it was back on track! It's sort of a mix between the typical tear-drop shape and a gable style - they mix very very well imo!

(Window placement - pre-cutout)

(post-cut-out, hahaha)

And here are some more renders to see what the windows look like from inside:

(The winner of interior render of the week, hahaha)

 - Garden section completed
On the last post, we covered gardens something serious! hahaha. In this one, I will continue with that, a little bit, as another section of the garden was filled in - behind this particular palace. Ironically, without the building, landscaping is a nightmare - for me it was at least, hahaha.

(Exterior render of the week, hahaha)

To the far left, there is a conifer point under the roof. I wanted some greenery in the king's private courtyard there. In this particular video, he will not be using it, but when you do fly-overs and so on, every little bit of detail you can add for excellence' sake, can make a huge difference.

 - Some other things from the week
For a while, like I mentioned in the last blog post, not about this project specifically, I've had an anime specific tutorial series put on my heart and have only gotten to doing some of it this week. I recorded the first one (Water Reflections) on Saturday, after having modeled the windows and placing them inside the walls and the second one (Tree Technique), early on Tuesday morning and posted it that night.

I have quite a few more videos planned for the series, but I can't say when, where or if. I go as GOD takes me and it's not always as straight forward as you might think, hahaha.

Here is part one: Water reflections!

Here is part two: Tree technique!

I know it's difficult to see how the tree technique here could work for anime style backgrounds, which is why I included a forest image I made while learning how to apply it properly at the opening of the video - just to show it really works! :D
And, you can see in the renders above, that I also use the same technique for the Esther 6 project. I don't tell you to do stuff I am not using, or have used already, myself, haha.

Before we close out this post, I want to share a final render with you all:

Yep, that's right! The Suzannes were invited to the palace warming party, hahaha. Kidding aside, the suzanne monkey head is really a fantastic testing tool in Blender. I guess we'd all be using displaced spheres or something if she weren't included! Super thankful!

Anyhow, that is it for this update! Not as much as I'd hope, but wow, this week was full and the windows were cut out last night, hahahaha.

Have a great one and GOD bless!!

PS, please intensively keep praying for this project's success. The Enemy is doing all he can to bring distraction and destruction in all sorts of areas. It's really annoying, but we're not the type to give up! Your prayers are essential and very much appreciated! :D

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