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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Friday, November 27, 2015 Under: Tutorials and tips
Good day,

I would really like to tell you guys a little more about my YouTube channel tutorials and other tutorials. I feel lead to do this, so please bear with me, haha.

Over the last year, GOD has taught me an immense amount about Blender and how to use it for the style of animation you see here in development. The great part about that, is that HE's insistent on me sharing this knowledge with you and so, a YouTube channel that was once practically abandoned is now alive with tutorials you are not likely to find anywhere else on YouTube. Some, yes, but it would be the odd one, haha.

Below, I attached some thumbnails of tutorials already on there.

To find a good list with short descriptions, check out the main panther dynamics page for video tutorials. If you are looking for BGE (Blender Game Engine) stuff, check out the Blender Game Engine page and for written tutorials in blog and PDF form, check out the main Blender Tutorials page.

I did a total up of the video content since my first Blender tutorial (Make Human to Anime in Blender) on YouTube, and it came to just over 8 hours of content! GOD is so awesome to have enabled me to produce such a wonderful body of work and still keep the quality high enough to be approached by YouTube networks and an independent Christian Artist marketing website called IndySpotlight. GOD is so good and I really pray these tutorials will be a blessing to you and that they help you make whatever projects GOD places on your heart!

And, if you don't know JESUS yet, it's really high time. Time is running out and things are gonna get really hard soon and you don't want to be there without CHRIST. Curious? Good, check out this link and video!

GOD bless and have a wonderful day!

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