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Throne room

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, November 17, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey all!

This week's vlog!

GOD is so super awesome!!!! :D

- Pillars
GOD's idea! I totally missed saying that in the video, but it is so needed, because I actually felt over the weekend that I was going to have to model new pillars from scratch, because the court's ones were just way too short. In HIS usual calm demeanor HE just let me know that I can stretch out the pillars, no big deal. And it worked amazingly well! I am so thankful! HE helped me fix the alignment as well as the stumped point, so grateful that is finished. Everything cool and creative here was GOD's idea - whether I mention it or not. I really do try to give HIM the credit for everything, because I truly can't do it without HIM. Nothing,...

- Panic Attack
   Sounds like a clever title to a paragraph, but I am actually talking about a real panic attack. I had one about two days ago and I was shocked by it. I was just working on adding the people and the guards and working on the scene when I suddenly got a panic attack. It was the weirdest thing. Thankfully, GOD has taught me that whenever there is any injury to immediately lay hands on it and pray over it so I did that, but when my right hand was on my chest, I didn't get a result. As soon as I declared healing over me in JESUS' Name again, but touching my right temple, it dissipated. I think the whole episode from start to healing lasted all of 10 seconds.
   A while ago GOD told me that the enemy would try to come against my health, so I was not surprised by it and HE had prepared me for it. Plus, I now understand panic attacks a lot better. You don't have to be panicked or in a panic to get one. It's literally like someone bursting in on you and scaring the socks off you - comes out of nowhere. If you are getting panic attacks, our prayer team at Cross Allegiance would love to pray for you. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, but it is something to deal with.

- Fire pot lamps
   With the fire pots suspended, I really wanted to add lights to each one. When I tried that, the light stretched way too far and it looked really odd. Finally having been given the solution (thank YOU LORD!!), it's very clear it would not affect the characters below the pots. I really do feel like GOD wants me to try and add the lamps again and see what the result is, so that will be on the agenda for either tonight or tomorrow.

- Easier compositing - Feathers
   Oooh, what a relief! When GOD suggested I do this, I had a momentary relapse of that: "Are you sure?" feeling, but moved it anyway and when it rendered, it looked amazing, so for all I care, they stay put and they look amazing!! :D

- Fire tutorial
   One of my favorite aspects of this week's video is the fire tutorial. Now, I do not consider this a full on fire tutorial, but it certainly does cover the one method I use the most. I do encourage you to refine the bottom part of the fire, so it's less like a fan and more rounded. You can use something like grid fill for example - be creative.
   Bear in mind that I really want to get back to making full tutorials, but this project as well as other tasks, are really sucking up most of my time - GOD will help me get to them again, because it is something that's near to HIS heart (helping people and giving them the good news of CHRIST!).

- Still to fix
   Poses, especially feet and faces. Adding some animation and fixing the shoulder of the fanner as his arm moves back. It looks weird with his shoulder static. Most people won't notice, but I sure noticed, hahaha. That's enough of a call to fix it. The same may go for the yellow line texture on the pillars. GOD willing, the throne room will have magicians and Moses and Aaron by the end of next week and hopefully a lot more modelling finished.

- Still to do
   Goodness, what a list, haha. I can't list it all here, because quite frankly you will be amazed at how many things you never even think of when you make a list like this. I have on written down and it was in the last vlog, here. I will say this; it ranges from plants, insects, fowl, cattle, people, buildings, nature, etc. You name it, it still needs to be finished. Just thought of more characters that need to be done, hahaha. This is truly the largest Bible Animation HE's put me on so far!

This was by far one of the most amazingly productive weeks for this project and all I can say is thank YOU LORD! May this video finish quickly and bring YOU immense Glory as YOU lead and guide me further!
Love YOU! <3

Know JESUS yet? GOD is reaching out to you through these videos. HE loves you more than you can imagine and wants you to know HIM. Not because HE's lonely, but because HE loves you and paid a heavy price to enable you to go to Heaven, where HE is. See, we all have sinned in some way shape or form. That makes us guilty before GOD. If you have ever said that you hated someone, in GOD's standard, you have committed murder (James 4). If you've ever looked on a person with lustful thinking, you've already committed fornication with them in your heart and you are then guilty of sexual impurity. If you were to face GOD on judgement day, saying: "I was a good person" will be a void argument, just like it would be before a human judge. GOD knew that we would have to pay that penalty and that we could not pay it, even if we tried, but sent JESUS to pay the price for us. Your sins were put on HIM and the forgiveness that is there for you was by no means cheap - the cross was not padded and comfortable, neither was the death.
But, HE was raised up on the third day (after being crucified) and finished the work so that we may enter through HIM paying the penalty we were supposed to pay, but it is only valid for you, if you accept it and live for HIM.
If that is you today, please, follow this prayer:
"JESUS, I believe that YOU are real and I believe YOU died for me and was raised on the third day for me. Please forgive me for my many sins. I make YOU the LORD of my life, full time and to fill me with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. Teach me how to live for YOU, help me become what YOU have made me to be, in JESUS' Name! Amen!"

To find out more, you can check out this link:
It gives you access to free Bible translations, free teaching videos and more. Remember, this is a decision with eternal consequence, choose life, choose JESUS. :D

Have a great one!!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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