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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey all!

I know usually I post on a Thursday, but I was super excited about the progress, so I just had to share it today!! :D

Now, the title is a surprise - yes, the king is finally modeled! Yey!!! :D
Can someone say progress? Oh yes!

 - The king has been modeled
Here is what he looks like in Make Human:

This is what he looks like in Blender after quite a few tweaks:

Tweaks here involved applying the Make Human to anime tutorial stuff, as well as a few new tips GOD showed me that I want to make tutorials for. Keep praying for that too. To summarize, here is what I do:
- Neck has to enter the head more sharply, so there are no strange looking angles
- Jaw bone is outlined - Make Human's topology does not allow for a simple freestyle define and move on. You literally have to cut the line you want. Not a lot, because there are a few cooperative lines, but not enough.
- Neck lines added - one of anime's signatures is the way the neck lines are drawn. In many instances, there aren't any, but you'd be amazed at the difference they make. Again, these have to be cut and creased, so they stay smooth.
- Eye white protected - Most anime characters don't have eyeliner and even those who do, still have eye-white to skin, so you still need to protect that signature. You can watch a very short tutorial on it here. Remember, this is to be applied when your character is finished - shape keys and all, or it will not give a consistent result - always animate with this fix in mind.

I do realize that the king here looks very nice and kind and I really do believe he wanted to be a good king, because he rewarded Mordicai's faithfulness, but he also approved the killing of the Jews (which thankfully did not happen, because GOD placed Esther in the palace). He was certainly not one with the greatest moral compass, but I truly believe he wanted to do what was best for the kingdom and not just one person. I think that's where this expression came from.

Here is some of his progress shots - check the longer hair one, hahahaha. Cool hair, just not on him:

(Just no words, haha)

(Adjusting the eyes)

(Trying to find lines that make him look old, just not ancient)

(Subdivision added to his overcoat)

(Good hair! And of course, small beard added as well, though the look still bothered me a bit)

(Thankful that it was only the expression! Added the teeth here and removed the age line over the beard)

(Shape keys for expressions - anger, though he's like one of those people who don't look really angry, haha)

(More of a happy face - when subdued like in the final image, it works)

(Few people dare to sleep with their shoes on, but he still has to have shoes, so I just removed them and outlined the nails a bit)

 - The finished room
Now, as you all know, the room has been quite an issue, especially since everything had to be modeled from scratch. It took a while and I had to remake the armoire, but so thankful I did!! Here are a few shots of the room as it progressed:

(Yey for better furniture design! hahaha. Here is what the original looked like)

The space between the pillars were a puzzle, until GOD gave me the idea of making it a conversation space. It's big enough for that, just not any sizable furniture, haha.

Tea set - not a whole set, just the needed parts, haha. Cup and tea pot - progress

Cups and tea pot added. Initially, it looked like concrete without reflections. I had to add them... Oh well, looks great and is thankfully very small, haha.

The desk also got some sprucing up, haha - Intially no pun intended, but yes, now it is, hahaha.

View after entering from the main living space.

 - Some animation
Of course, animation has to start sooner or later and GOD had me also model some candles and add them to the scene - electricity was mostly found in lightning during this period in history, so no florescent bulbs at the local market :), haha.

Here is the video:

I have to say, getting to the animation part, even partially, really makes it feel like progress is starting to pick up! :D

GOD helped me so much with these candles. It looks like I used SSS (sub-surface scattering) for the wax, but it's just a texture - not baked. It's just a blend texture. The candles are animated with procedural textures as well and come from an older project where I needed fire and so needed a way to make mesh fire. If you add detail to these, they will look a lot more detailed and ferocious as flames, haha.

And that is it for this update! Very very busy week and super thankful for the progress!!
Stay tuned for more!

Have a great one and GOD bless you always!!

And as always, please continue to pray for these videos, because obviously it is not in favor with the enemy and he is doing his level best to be an obstacle to it's completion!

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