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Smoke and hieroglyphs with Make Human

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, October 6, 2016 Under: Tutorials and tips
Hey all!

Today's video:

(GOD is so good!!!!!)

 - Make Human for Egyptian hieroglyphics
Hieroglyphics have 3 sections, from what I have seen. Might be more if you can actually read it, hahaha. Those three are:
1) Fine print
   Everyday reading type of figures. These include the bowl, horned viper, numbers, such as the n meaning 10 or a single stripe meaning 1, etc. Making a font for this, but it will not be useful to anyone who can read it, because it'd all be gibberish and out of order (hopefully and prayerfully no cussing, haha). This would be the equivalent of someone just hitting keys on a keyboard, so if something is there that you can read and find unsettling, I do apologize, it is in no way intended to be any record or accurate reading - purely decorative to make it look like Egypt. There's not Google Translate for Hieroglyphs (if there were, I'd be using it to actually have some useful information there).

2) Patterns
   These sometimes surround the larger figures, but the larger figures are seldom independent of the fine print. It's visually as if it becomes extra info that either names people or gives you a description of what you're seeing (seeing as without a description you're free to say something that is so far off, the artist would be insulted, hahaha). Just pretty frames that repeat. I'm sure they may have some artistic meaning, but generally I find that visually they just frame scenes.

3) Large figures or scenes
   Usually scene depictions. These often depict every day life, records of trade, etc. for the royal family or what they would describe as divine events, such as interactions with their gods, how they believe something came to be, what they thought happens after death, etc. I'm no expert on these, so again, subject to correction.

 - Smoke and smoke and smoke
   In this video I cover three methods of doing smoke that can prove useful in most projects. All of which can be done within minutes and really does not have to take forever to set-up. Have fun with it!
These methods are nothing new to anyone who's been doing 3D in Blender for a while, but they certainly are a bit out of the box thinking, especially the displacement one - GOD is so good!! That one comes from years ago:

(GOD is so wonderful!!!)

I truly hope to have more for you all next week in the line of variety. It's been a crazy week and I've learned a lot!!

Finally, I hope that these vlogs are a source of great techniques for you and that ultimately you really do feel the tug on your heart. GOD loves you tremendously - it's why HE sent me with these techniques. Listen to this.

Have a really wonderful day!
GOD bless you!

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