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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Saturday, March 30, 2019 Under: News
Hey all!

Long time no post, hehe.

I'm glad to say that Exodus is not a project that has been dropped by any means. I just have a lot on my plate and I'm actually working on an aspect of it that I really want to share with you guys!

For a while now, I really have felt that the LORD wants me to write original music. Considering that I have basically 0 experience writing songs, this was not something that I jumped into with confidence. In fact, I didn't. While going for piano lessons, I learned how notes work and wrote little tunes, but nothing that would really grab your attention,

Years later, I started doing tutorials and at that point wanted to write something original for every new tutorial. I think I wrote a handful of really good tunes (imo), including the one I use for my videos today. Yeah, an original composition! It is probably my finest work so far! GOD is so amazing! It was originally written for my channel trailer if I remember correctly.

So years pass and I am working on Esther 6 and this was before I felt comfortable using the YouTube library. I needed a fanfare for Haman parading Mordecai and had to write it. I thought of news broadcasts and medieval stuff and the LORD helped me come up with something that worked, despite having a few intervals that didn't quite fit the bill - still, an amazing exercise in actually writing something that needs a specific sound and that I consider successful, since it fits the purpose. Check out Esther 6.
I also wrote the sound effects I couldn't make or get (like the crickets) as well as some really strange generic sounding piano and strings for the opening.

Forward again a short while and I'm on Exodus. At this point, using the YouTube library, the music is sounding amazing, but I run into a problematic moment - Pharaoh is shocked at his magicians' whoopin' and I needed something tense for the moment. I decided to write it. Very generic chords and works, but honestly, probably not my best work, hehe. I would like to search for something better or modify it to have more punch.

And our final stop is early this year. Having a very busy January and catching up on a lot of things, I hadn't touched Exodus since December. I opened it and tried locating myself again at the end of January and started looking into what Pharaoh's bedroom could've resembled (you find little to nothing tbh - just have to arrange it how you think it might have been). I was sliding through my news feed on FB one morning and a friend of mine, who sings too, was tagged in a competition she had won a few years prior - a song writing competition. The prize is getting a professional production of your song as well as a free music video that will also get checked by the FPB, so it's a really good prize. The biggest prize for me would be to get ears on my music, because it's got a very similar feel to a top ten countdown that gets whittled down by votes. All this over radio (talk about large audience potential).

This was it for me. I got up almost immediately to check the t's and c's and very shortly after had the first draft of a song written for Exodus, hehehe. Talk about motivation!

I worked on the song for a while as well as many YouTube videos, singing practice and a ton of other stuff that kept me from working on the song. The song currently has it's chord progression, lyrics done and I'm working on it's arrangement. The idea is to possibly carry the tune into the story later, but it's truly a song meant for the end of the movie - so far.

So that is where I am at right now. Working on a song for Exodus, while keeping a very close eye on Eevee for me to be able to switch to it as soon as possible. Great news so far is that the models and their rigs should be fine. Only textures and materials won't transfer... Still lots of potential for things to render with Eevee regardless, so I'm still keeping my options open. 18 seconds per frame is better than 3-10mins any day, hehehe. That is of course assuming the results are identical.

I hope this has been informative to you guys! Again, Exodus isn't dead and will be finished! In the meantime, if you'd like to see some recent animation, I invite you to check out my latest YouTube video on Common Compositing - there is an awesome sketch in there!

The greatest advantage of all these things I am doing around Exodus is that it benefits the project. Animation skills improve, graphics improve, speed improves and mixing improves - everything improves.

Have a super day and GOD bless you!!

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