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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, February 15, 2018 Under: WIP
Hey all!
This week's vlog!

GOD is beyond words!!! Just wow!!

 - Rendering to video
   After finishing the vlog, I wanted to create the thumbnail for the video and of course, every week I use something from that week to make it and I found nothing in the 2DHD folder when I looked in it in Gimp and when I double checked the rendering itself, guess what, it was rendering to video at only 6000kbps!!!!!!! I had missed switching it back from doing the OpenGL tests (which I render straight to video - no loss if it looks crappy). Generally, 6000 isn't horrible for fullHD, because it can handle the resolution, but it will not be able to handle high motion - and it certainly proved it...

   Always make sure you render to a sequence when it is not the final! If you don't render to a high quality image format, you will regret it and the time will have been wasted. Speaking of, that is the next point! :)

 - Noise fix - re-render
   Generally, I'm not a "fix it in post" kinda person, so I absolutely hate that sort of thing. GOD has only allowed me one "fix it in post" solution for the entire project so far and that is because of the sheer amount of render time it would cost to fix it and that was when Moses and Aaron see the magicians appear and we have that split-screen shot. It was too fast. It had to literally be half-speed. So I had to use a frame interpolator for both the 2D and the 3D which were both done at that point.

   For this issue, however, GOD is allowing me to stick with a fix it in post solution - Reshade. It does a phenomenal job of removing the artifacts - it can't fix the damage done by the pixel groupings within the codec (and I lose very subtle details) - they caused the hard shading lines to become jagged. Reshade removes the artifacts, but can't stitch back the lines together. Be that as it may, the shot is moving and because it is moving, those details are simply not worth 12 hours. They really aren't. So while typing out this post - reshade is fixing the 153 frames and when that's done, I'll finish rendering the shot and make it all a single sequence for 3D conversion.

   Stuff like this can be really really frustrating, hahaha.

   You can get reshade here:
(as always, use entirely at your own risk)

 - Audio turn off
   Initially when I rendered out the OpenGL, the sound was muted, because it's so annoying to have the stutter on a slow viewport, but for the edit I really felt led to add the audio over and while I did do that, it seems that the lip sync is kinda off. Will have to check that in post anyway. It seems to be either too early or too late. I tried adjusting it quickly for the vlog, but it generally fits well where it's at, so that's where I left it.

 - Camera problems
   Wow, the opposition to this project is really on the up this week, hahaha. I was distractable, the shot rendered extremely long, to video, needed to be fixed, didn't finish in time for the vlog, camera problems, audio problems, etc... Wow... haha. Pray pray pray!! (^^,).

   Thankfully GOD gave solutions to every single one of those issues, so I cannot complain in the least! (^^,)

   For this week's camera issue, I did not use tracking. While I do think, in retrospect, it would've been easier - I'm glad I didn't, because I like the 'freehanded' feel it has now. It's kinda like the camera movement is imperfect and I luv that! GOD is so good!

   If you were wondering how it was done - it does not move in a spiral motion. I used a mix of focal length and motion to get it to zoom in on Moses. The scene is so large and small at the same time, I can't get too close or the objects slice out of existence - thus, focal length! haha. :D

 - Lip sync
   What a challenge, but so thankful! I have to say, I think that technically, this has been the best lip sync of Exodus so far. I ask my mom to review the lip syncs because she's good at spotting issues and saying whether it looks natural or not. Of course, I'm still learning and some moments just look a little off. This one though - she was like 100%. I agreed. The only thing I did change that she wanted me to leave as is was the F in frog. It annoyed me immensely that his mouth wasn't more closed on the f, so I changed that. The rest was fine too. I do believe I also changed the t in Egypt at the end, but I don't recall if that was before or after review. Either way, I am very happy with it! (^^,)

   I said I would mention it and now I have to, haha. This week there was a post on Blender Nation about a Reddit feed with free software listed on it. One of those programs mentioned was LMMS. I was like, lets see what it can do, and I am amazed! It is the perfect companion to Anvil Studio!!! Anvil Studio allows you to do the notation part and LMMS allows you to go make it awesome! I luv it! Now, I don't have much experience with it and I will add that I had a very difficult time getting my sound to work right, but once you get it running - it really rocks!

Again, use is entirely at own risk:

 - Friendly reminder
   Of course, during the live Q&A with Ton, the proposal was not mentioned. They did however mention a toon shader at least twice, so what happens remains to be seen, but I do still encourage you guys to show them the importance of this feature by going and upvoting the proposal. It is going strong, but it needs to be stronger. Share it, vote it up, share it more, nag people, etc, hahahaha. I'm kidding, don't nag people, but definitely share it and vote it up!

   Link here:

And that is it for this week! Very short and to the point, but really interesting nonetheless! hahaha. Thank you for reading, watching, liking, commenting and subscribing! It really means a lot!

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Have a great one!!!
Thank YOU!!!!!!

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