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Pharaoh's room done for now

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Saturday, June 13, 2020 Under: News
Pharaoh's room was quite the challenge and I spoke about this before. Since he was a royal and thought himself a literal god, I can promise you he wanted the best of the best and wanted you to throw that away and get something even better! lol. No, just kidding. I don't know how much of a brat he was. For all I know he actually cared much for his people, but had a prideful and fearful heart that caused his irrational choices - apart from GOD hardening his heart - which is still quite a mystery from a just and moral perspective and I have written on it before (will get to it again later).

When we last saw Pharaoh's room, I was still in a quandary about how to furnish it. Since I couldn't find a visual representation that satisfied me, I went with use to determine furnishing. From the little French history I remember, the royal bedroom was not the private abode you'd hope for it to be. In fact, many of your closest political part members, or court members back then, would visit you in the mornings as you were prepped for the day. This meant that the room would be furnished for extensive meetings as well, not just sleeping and getting ready in the morning.

A room unfinished

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Be that as it may, the room is still to a manner unfinished - finished for the shot, but not for a panorama. Pharaoh, as rish as he was, most likely did not have an armoire or a typical closet as we do. They had chests and boxes to store things in and his clothes would probably have been in there too. His room, as of yet, does not have any of these kinds of boxes in - only desks and chairs as well as pottery for water and oil and so on. One can reason that it is in the next room, because he just has that many outfits, but realistically, how many "kilts" can one person have in order to really need another room to store them in, lol.

The room's general layout is simply based around function. The bed to one side so that it's not a seat for a dignatary. The chairs and small tables together in the middle of the room, close to the entrance, so that meetings can happen and end rather quickly, without people hanging around for too long.


The composition is inspired two ways. Obviously, I make what I am given and thankfully, the LORD generally helps me follow the cinematic dictionary for the West, lol. We enter the room going right. Movement to the right means progress forward, in this case, suggesting that Pharaoh's buttons are pushed and we're making progress with the plague. It is extremely vague, especially if you don't know the rule of going right, but it's truly the intent. You'll also see movement to the right as he gets up to sweep the frogs off him. This is where a psychological element is added - distance.
Whenever someone throws a tantrum, we distance ourselves from them - whether we love them or not. If I love someone and they throw a tantrum, I distance myself for a bit until they've calmed down - depending on the reason - and then approach again. If they throw a tantrum because of something that happened, it may well be a very needed expression of frustration and they need a hug in that moment; tantrum wouldn't be the best word in such a case.
   I remember feeling this way before where I just separated myself from everyone and just absolutely fell apart before the LORD and just cried and cried. There is no one better to tell your stuff to! I do recommend talking to people you can trust as well, but JESUS is my nr1 and when I feel super happy or sad or whatever, HE's the One I want to share it with. There is absolutely and totally no substitute for your relationship with JESUS - no person can take HIS place in your life.

Repurposed room

Pharaoh's room is a repurposed room. I added the throne room roof to the courtyard and BOOM! Instant bedroom! lol. It works really well!

For the kitchen, I want to use the same space, but modify it so that the steps aren't there and it leads into storage areas for the food prepared inside the courtyard. According to this source, the cooking happened in the courtyard, and my guess is that it was heat related, lol:

A very interesting read indeed!


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Well, the amount of frogs in the scene is about 12,000 in sitting and jumping frogs. There are additional frogs for the arm in the sweep and those that are static on the body.

I really wanted to add more, but it was just not there... I don't have the computational uhmf to have millions. Honestly, 12,000 frogs in a room is still a lot to deal with and for some reason "tomorrow" seemed like a great idea at the time! Hahaha.

In addition to the frogs, I also used post-AA for this shot. The reason is primarily that it is faster than Blender's built-in AA. Blender's is higher quality, but not worth it for the type of scene it is, nor for the extra time. If this were a scene with water or other finer details, I would've stuck with Blender's own methods with maybe extra applied - don't know, lol. The goal is always to render extremely complex shots as quickly as possible. High memory usage is better than slow render times, imo.

Hardening of Pharaoh's heart - "Say what now?!"

In a few places, I saw that people described the hardening of Pharaoh's heart as a distancing of GOD's love and affection that keeps the heart soft. While I can kinda see that, there are scriptures that says that the heart of the king is in HIS hands and HE can turn it whichever way HE wills. It also says that there is no authority except that which GOD puts in and whoever resists the authorities, resists GOD. And, HE causes us to will and to act according to HIS good purpose.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; GOD's definition of free will is not the same as ours. The only place I know we get absolute free will is choosing for or against HIM. Nowhere else do I see us having 100% free choice to do what we will. I think we hate that idea, because we are all control freaks to an extent. If we even get a hint that we're not in control and that we don't belong to ourselves, we get offended and want to go do what we know we ought not, lol. Not smart!

So, scriptures says GOD hardened his heart. To me that means GOD did have an active role in Pharaoh's decision not to let the Israelites go. HOWEVER, HE does indicate that Pharaoh had a choice to humble himself and let the people go, because he was rebuked for his rebellion in not letting them go. Somewhere along the process, Pharaoh gave his right to choose to the enemy and GOD increased his level of stubbornness.

I think we have to remember something important here, that I mentioned earlier - we do not belong to ourselves. This world does not belong to us. Our very lives do not belong to us. Who are we to put GOD on trial if we don't like what HE says - we'd always be wrong, because it's HIS will, HIS intent and HIS dominion, not ours. I know it can seem like a cop out for not being able to explain the extent of free will and how it's fair. While it's not and I would love to know exactly where the lines are drawn for it, we still don't get to tell GOD what HE can and can't do; even if we don't get it - and I don't just yet, lol. Fascinating topic though!

And that's it for this post!!

Have a super day!!
GOD bless you!! (^^,)
Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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