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Pharaoh joins the cast

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, September 15, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey all!

Here is this week's vlog:

GOD is so amazing!!!

- MHX2:
I had no idea that MHX2 would add support for the IK rig. I was just browsing through the Make Human Community forum, looking to see if my tutorials were being used and later also for new tutorials that would prove useful and this one by Joel is certainly very useful! Just installed it while the vlog was uploading, and I am definitely more interested in using it than before. Before I thought that it would be kinda pointless, seeing as there is no IK rig in Make Human itself anymore, but this turn of events, totally GOD orchestrated, is a massive blessing.
   I do feel led to use the new Make Human for, especially, the new characters, but it will also make older characters easier to make, with the additional sliders. With the IK ("MHX" when you import) rig too, I am excited! hahaha.
I have to add that it is somewhat comforting to know that it is the same author who wrote this plugin, especially since the other one gave me no problems whatsoever! :D

- Pharaoh:
In the last vlog, I talked about possibly having Pharaoh finished for this vlog and wow am I thankful GOD helped me finish him. I was hoping to have more done this week, but between Aaron's hair, clothes, environment, pharaoh and his environment, I just didn't get to more. Having said that, GOD still helped me finish one character and make an entirely new one in the same week! That takes anointing! It is not something I can make happen in the natural.

   I really had a tough time with the top he has on, or necklace, whichever you wanna call it, because the unwrapping did not sit well. It created weird edges. For it to have worked better, the unwrap needed to be round, but I spent a very long time making it square, etc. Just terrible. In the end, I was lead to just stick with materials on the faces and that worked a lot better! Could've finished sooner, hahahaha. Hey, learned from it! GOD is good!

   For his skirt, I went through various iterations, but I just could not settle on adding that extra piece of cloth down the middle. Neither over or under the skirt, because it just looked weird. I believe GOD showed me it's because the skirt is too long for that, that it looked weird. I believe that is the reason, because it is the only difference I can find that could cause issues like that.

   And finally, I also learned how to spell Pharaoh correctly! hahaha. I know it sounds kinda duh, but since it's never really been a word I used in writing and so on, I was not sure how to spell it correctly. You could say if I spelled it right, it would be by accident, and vice versa, hahaha. I just switched the a and the o. Silly mistake, but thankfully, GOD used this to teach me how to get it right, hahaha. Hope that gives you guys a smile like it gave me!

- Fire:
In one of the plagues, there is fire and hail and rain. This week I started working on NPR fire. I have a few references, but I'm still not quite sure how I'm supposed to light the fields on fire with the lightning or how it is supposed to look. Will need to do more research on anime style fire, but from the how to draw things online, I've only seen, so far, single flames, camp fires or explosions, not fields ablaze. I'm sure GOD will lead me into something that will look amazing and I look forward to sharing it!

Do you know JESUS yet?

Well that is it for this week's update!
I hope you guys have a great one and GOD bless!!

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