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Night scene done and tutorial

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, March 17, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey all!

Yey, about another minute's animation done and edited!! Here is the whole thing so far - for this week's animation, skip to 01:06

GOD is awesome!!!!

Today, we get to talk about the subject of a new tutorial (Action lines, whoop whoop), as well as some travesties you can easily avoid (triple whoop whoop, haha).

- Night scene done:
Finally, the night scene section is finished. Has been months of hard work and GOD has been so awesome and I've learned a ton, but it is finally finished. Now, it's on to the scene where Mordecai is taken through the city. GOD already had me make a horse and put Mordecai on it with Haman, so that has been quite a while back, but Haman will have to be replaced with the latest one, because in the latest one he actually has a jaw line.

- Action lines:
In anime, you get a variety of techniques to add punch to scenes - from effects to layers, to filters, you name it. Basically, anime is treated like it's real footage. I've seen them be applied in a variety of ways, but in this tutorial, GOD has helped me show you guys how to make a variety of action lines, from the tunnel vision one to the horizontal that can be rotated and even the thin lines over images. Check it out! :D

(Like yey for the short time GOD helped me make this!!)

- Travesties you can avoid:
Lines that vanish
I've found a small problem while rendering the largest segment of today's animation - Haman's recommendation. Make Human characters have round lips, like most human beings do. For Freestyle, this means the lips don't exist if they come together too closely. Which means the mouth literally vanish, except for the corners of the mouth. Because it is such a long render and I can't afford to re-render it, it is in the final, but thankfully, not something that really stands out, but I did avoid it with the king's reaction, by keeping his mouth slightly open, thanx to GOD reminding me to do it, haha.

Objects that aren't visible
Pillars in a small room seem like a fine thing when you're doing a still standing character that is speaking - don't be so tame. If GOD didn't insist on me checking every angle for errors, there would be a left hand flailing around from behind a pillar... Remember, when you are working in the view-port, you turn a lot of things off from view - it is crucial to check that every angle works and that every character that needs to be visible, is, and is in balance compositionally.

Since I do lip-syncing by baking audio to the jaw's rotation, it leaves me with little control over what the jaw does beside what the audio does. That is where envelopes come in. For the tutorial here, GOD showed me envelopes to control the intensity of the effect (by going through the modifiers, looking for something to dampen the effect) that the audio has on the jaw. The animation intensity is interpolated between envelopes, just like bezier curves would behave between key frames. I think envelopes tend to be a bit more linear, but I can't say for sure (the result is applied to busy audio already, I just know the transitions are smooth).
   Ironically, where I used this technique the most was when the king asked: "Who's in the court?" This lead to a much better finish after the statement than just his mouth staying sealed - you literally use envelopes to animate over baked curves. You can't add keyframes over baked curves yet, unfortunately.

- What next:
Well, the next part of Esther 6 is Haman taking Mordecai through the street on horseback and proclaiming before him. Not his best day, but Mordecai certainly enjoyed it. GOD can bring us honor when we don't even realize someone is trying desperately to take us out.
   That means a lot of modeling has to be done - houses, landscape, extras, objects, etc. The KJV just talks about the street of the city - so my guess is it would be the main road or something like that. Will check other Public Domain translations to see if I can find more info on this, but sadly, nothing rendered yet to show you guys. Instead, GOD gave you all the tutorial above and the night scene's completion, so all-in-all, it was a really productive and awesome week!

And that is it for this update! Do you know JESUS yet? You're missing out if you don't!

Have a great one and GOD bless!!!

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