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Mordecai Progress

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, December 17, 2015 Under: WIP
Hey all!

Today, despite Esther 6 not being done yet, I felt lead to publish the site, so I hope that you are still blessed by what you see here.

Today, with this publishing, I also feel lead to share with you the progress on Mordecai. In Esther 6, you only see him once and that is when Haaman has to parade him in a display of honor through the streets, so he has to look fancy. I may change the head dress to be more fancy, but in general, this is the kind the jews apparently wore, called a mookleh - go figure, haha.

Latest render:

Some may think I made him too old, considering that he is Esther's cousin, but, depending on the age difference between the parents as siblings and the times they marry, etc., there can easily be a generation gap. So I made a fairly wide one. I still need to adjust his turban slightly, so it's not so heavy on one side.

Two more tests:

The "Praising GOD" pose is always so beautiful to me. I also associate it with great relief. GOD is always to be reverenced! :D

Quiet contemplation. Haha, I wanted to say that this is him resting after I had such a difficult time attaching his beard to his face, hahaha. I used this method, if you are curios how it was modeled.

Anyhow, please pray for me, that these projects get finished.

Have a great one and GOD bless!! :D

Credit: GOD leads me on how to make this. I used Blender and Make Human.

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