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King's palace pillar

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, January 14, 2016
Hey all!

Whooh! What a piece of work, but so glad it's done and to a high level of detail - hopefully not too high, hahaha.

Okay, so with every progress shot, we can discuss the process:

The first challenge was getting the interlocking pattern correct. I thought I could do it in one go
and I believe you can, but simply duplicating and rotating the same shape a bit, gave exactly the pattern I
needed for the foot or base of the pillar -  GOD's idea, not mine!

The bulls were a bit of an issue for me. Still kinda is, because it's almost like setting up an idol.
Not because I want to, but because it was part of their culture and what they did. Now I'm not 100% on
what the bulls mean, but it really doesn't matter for historical accuracy, haha.
Not that this is some sort of class project that I'm getting graded on - it's a command from GOD. Because of that, I had an issue with adding them, but later I felt okay about it, since this is more a background thing and nowhere in Esther 6 is anyone doing any active idol worship, so GOD gives me space to get over it, but one thing I did not have peace about was adding the bulls as I have them in a reference - because they looked possessed and demonic (which idol worship is - 1 Corinthians 10:20 - , but I don't want to scare people with this, hahaha).

Added back using the recover auto-save feature after removing them the first time.

Using Inkscape I made the flower carvings as images and just used minimal color influence and mostly
Normal influence. The Box filter under sampling helped soften them a bit.

Close-up of the finished section stacked

Total view of the whole pillar and wow, was it a lot of work, hahaha.

The material still needs some work to make it more concrete and less marble-esque. Still some work to be done, but great progress indeed!!

Do you know JESUS yet?

Have a great one and GOD bless!!

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