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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Friday, January 1, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey everyone!

Today I got to work on the horse again and GOD was so faithful, as usual, haha, and I'm so happy with the results. I tried giving the horse more typically anime eyes, but that made it look more cartooney and character-like than a functional horse. So anyway, while there is still a solid amount of character in the eyes, they are not nearly as cartooney as they get when you add those black outlines, haha.

So without further ado, I'm going to let you see it below, starting with the very first horse render that was saved:

(First render saved)

(The day's progress done)

Now, I would like to say that it went from image 1 to image 2 today, but no, hahaha. A lot of progress came since the last time you saw this little horsy :), haha. I will add though, I did make Haman in between working on the horse. Horses are not an easy creature to model and they are certainly not easy to rig or animate, so this is a really big challenge, but GOD has brought the horse this far, and HE will complete the work HE started! :D

I am looking forward to seeing this horse complete, saddle and all and yes, that does involve placing Mordecai on top as well. The irony here is that Haman wanted the king to go all out in honoring him, because that was who he thought the king was talking about, so it would not be saddle-less and it has to look good - has to, there is no other option. If it doesn't, it's a redo, haha.

Anyway, I'm not worried about getting it right, because it's not my responsibility to get it done or get it done right - it's GOD's and oh wow is HE busy, haha. HE wants to do mighty things through you too. If you don't know HIM yet, you are missing out in such a big way!! Make HIM your LORD, not because HE needs it, but because you do. Do it because HE loves you and paid a heavy price for you and has more for you than you can ever dream up - a full and satisfying life in HIS service is the best life you can have!

I have a tract like piece about this, that I attach to every video on YouTube that goes out into the world, because the world is broken and it doesn't even fully know it or how to fix it... I don't know how many JESUS has reached out to using it, but if HE has reached out to you through it, I'm glad with you! If you are still unsure, just check out the piece I always share, which I'm pasting below - HE loves you dearly and so do I. I don't want anyone going to hell and neither does HE - it's why JESUS came - to take the punishment that we deserve. I want you to go to heaven - you want you to go to heaven :D.

The piece:
"Know JESUS yet? GOD is reaching out to you through these videos. HE loves you more than you can imagine and wants you to know HIM. Not because HE's lonely, but because HE loves you and paid a heavy price to enable you to go to Heaven, where HE is. See, we all have sinned in some way shape or form. That makes us guilty before GOD. If you have ever said that you hated someone, in GOD's standard, you have committed murder (James 4). If you've ever looked on a person with lustful thinking, you've already committed fornication with them in your heart and you are then guilty of sexual impurity. If you were to face GOD on judgement day, saying: "I was a good person" will be a void argument, just like it would be before a human judge. GOD knew that we would have to pay that penalty and that we could not pay it, even if we tried, but sent JESUS to pay the price for us. Your sins were put on HIM and the forgiveness that is there for you was by no means cheap - the cross was not padded and comfortable, neither was the death.
But, HE was raised up on the third day (after being crucified) and finished the work so that we may enter through HIM paying the penalty we were supposed to pay, but it is only valid for you, if you accept it and live for HIM.
If that is you today, please, follow this prayer:
"JESUS, I believe that YOU are real and I believe YOU died for me and was raised on the third day for me. Please forgive me for my many sins. I make YOU the LORD of my life, full time and to fill me with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. Teach me how to live for YOU, help me become what YOU have made me to be, in JESUS' Name! Amen!"

To find out more, you can check out this link:
It gives you access to free Bible translations, free teaching videos and more. Remember, this is a decision with eternal consequence, choose life, choose JESUS. :D

Have a great one!!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!"

I sincerely hope you take this seriously, because it's not about me - I may never even know you while here, but it truly is a matter of eternity for you and for GOD and HE wants you to choose life - choose life!

GOD bless you always in 2016, in JESUS' mighty Name, amen!

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