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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, October 26, 2017 Under: WIP
Hey all!
This week's vlog!

GOD is so wonderful!!

  - Sound work
    Last week I talked about a few issues with the sound. I forgot about these in the vlog, but no matter - it saves drastically on data and honestly, you won't notice much of a difference anyway (a reflection on how small the adjustments are), hahaha.

 - Fire sound adjustment
   I mentioned last week that the fire sounds were too loud - especially on head phones and so I reduced them this week. I do notice that they don't really have the right ambience. Fire has more of a rumble to it as well that seems to be on the very very far low end of the spectrum and so I want to see if reducing the pitch of brown noise will do the trick (I can also add the low end part of the opening sound to those sections as well).

 - Addition clothing sound
   For Moses when he turns around to speak to Aaron, he does have more sound (just layered the same sound with an offset to double up) and of course there is a lot still to do with the stick swaps and the hieroglyphics section. I do feel that the hieroglyphics part will be mostly music. Plaster doesn't really animate or move naturally, hahaha.

 - A quiet space
   Something that we often don't think about is ambient noise. For any sound work, ambient noise means that your "sound floor" is not where it needs to be. It messes with your recordings and consequently the quality. Whenever editing takes place, it has to take place in a quiet space - as in as quiet as you can get it. I have been struggling for weeks with the sounds that are so low in volume, because:
 - I can't boost the volume too much (it's inconsiderate of the other people around me)
 - I have to have a fan on in my room (it's extremely humid and stuffy)
 - I need to be patient and wait for a cool and quiet time to do it, so I can leave the fan off and turn the sound up a bit.
   Just beware turning the sound up too much when you are editing. The movie studios make the mistake of mixing in a theater for a theater (which often overdoes the bass anyway) and not for the DVD or Blu-ray or whatever you use. It means that all too often the music is so loud that to hear the voices you have to crank the sound up and then suddenly the music is upon you and you have to turn it down again. Use a good sound system, but don't go for a theater setup. Mix something awesome and balanced that will sound amazing everywhere! (^^,)
   The lecturers I had at university were very serious about this issue. They said that when you are finally happy with the music volume, cut it in half! hahaha.

 - Plaster tutorial
   In the video, I included a very short plaster effect tutorial. Do note that this effect is not dynamic. It is purely to texture a video. If you want it to be more dynamic, you need to animate every thing including distortion of the video itself and it's colors so that it's not the same with every passing frame. If you have to re-plaster a wall for every frame, I can promise you it will be different every single time. Similar but very different when you play it back. The video will get you started. I do caution though - the effect, imo, works best at 50% HD, because then the relief is quite thick, but you may try to increase the value beyond 1 to see if it helps (haven't tried that yet, but you're welcome to).

 - Picking up things
   Now wasn't this quite the challenge, hahaha. Thankfully, GOD is always with me and helped me through this one as well. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it off, but wow! GOD is so awesome!

In the vlog, I did get to explain how it worked, but to help you guys further, here you can find the method GOD taught me as well as another method, very similar, that BornCG was given. I encourage you to check out both! You will gain something from each that will better equip you for your own projects and unique challenges.

GOD is so wonderful! This one came within days of mine being uploaded! So cool!

GOD is so awesome!

 - No water for 7 days
This is the link I was talking about in the video:

While it is certainly not recommended, the article does recount people having survived for 8-10 days without water. The obvious solution - drink enough water and make sure that you always have access to water - as far as it depends on you. For the rest, you have to lean on GOD to provide. :)

Anyhow, that is it for this week's post - I am just so thankful for everyone who reads, comments and watches! Thank you!

Biggest thanx to GOD for helping me with this. Without HIM, none of this would be possible! :D

Know JESUS yet? GOD is reaching out to you through these videos. HE loves you more than you can imagine and wants you to know HIM. Not because HE's lonely, but because HE loves you and paid a heavy price to enable you to go to Heaven, where HE is. See, we all have sinned in some way shape or form. That makes us guilty before GOD. If you have ever said that you hated someone, in GOD's standard, you have committed murder (James 4). If you've ever looked on a person with lustful thinking, you've already committed fornication with them in your heart and you are then guilty of sexual impurity. If you were to face GOD on judgement day, saying: "I was a good person" will be a void argument, just like it would be before a human judge. GOD knew that we would have to pay that penalty and that we could not pay it, even if we tried, but sent JESUS to pay the price for us. Your sins were put on HIM and the forgiveness that is there for you was by no means cheap - the cross was not padded and comfortable, neither was the death.
But, HE was raised up on the third day (after being crucified) and finished the work so that we may enter through HIM paying the penalty we were supposed to pay, but it is only valid for you, if you accept it and live for HIM.
If that is you today, please, follow this prayer:
"JESUS, I believe that YOU are real and I believe YOU died for me and was raised on the third day for me. Please forgive me for my many sins. I make YOU the LORD of my life, full time and to fill me with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. Teach me how to live for YOU, help me become what YOU have made me to be, in JESUS' Name! Amen!"

To find out more, you can check out this link:
It gives you access to free Bible translations, free teaching videos and more. Remember, this is a decision with eternal consequence, choose life, choose JESUS. :D

Have a great one!!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!

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