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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, October 20, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey all!

Today's vlog maybe? hahaha

GOD is so wonderful!!

What a productive week this has been! I am so thankful for what got done!! I just want GOD to give me such speed that it would make my head spin, haha.

 - Characters
   In the previous vlog, I spoke about adding more variety to certain characters. In the beginning of the week, I was able to edit them quite a bit more. I'm not 100% satisfied with 1 of them (or say 1 out of 2, as in one of the two needs to be changed), because they still look too similar. I did however, like I mentioned as a possibility, used the sculpting tools to add some variety to the advisors' clothes. Pretty similar still, so they are recognizable, but their clothes are slightly different.
 Servant 2 and 3 are female and I wanted to use servant 2 so much, but her head is just too small. She'd look so weird if Moses and Aaron walk in and here off to the side is this tall buff looking servant with a small head, hahaha. It would be distracting to those who notice it. That meant she needed to be replaced. I still want to give either servant 2 or 3 the golden headband. Possibly to both! haha.
 I don't recall if I worked on the fanners this week. I really consider them finished. Unfortunately, by the time all was done recorded and basically finished, I realized I had forgotten to add them to the video... Sorry guys! :)

 - Hieroglyphics
 One of the suggestions GOD gave me for the bigger hieroglyphics scenes was the plagues themselves. A wonderful idea! It drastically reduces my work load and it's more original! So, this week that got implemented on the front wall to Pharaoh's palace. Which reminds me, he lives on the bank of the Nile, meaning wherever his house is, that is where the Nile has to be.

 Parable of the unforgiving servant
Another wonderful scene, I was looking for something to create a very long large figure piece for and when GOD suggested this, I was so relieved. I don't know if the Egyptians worked from left to right or right to left, but I do know this, you can go horizontally with the text and so most people who see it, will read the scenes from left to right. Whether it is obvious enough, I don't know, seeing as no one really expects the hieroglyphics to depict JESUS' Words, which they wouldn't have, but it does help me finish faster, while still getting great results! :D

Every building, except the homes, were covered in hieroglyphics. I think it was to them both a means of record keeping and protection, but I can't say for sure. I do know that they did use it to depict day to day events and what they thought happens after death. That means I still have a ton of work to do on Pharaoh's place alone, hahaha.

 - Tips for texture painting in Blender
   Blender is equipped with some basic brush tools that you can use to make custom textures. Most people, as far as I know, still prefer to use external tools, like Gimp and Photoshop, however, I have had to use Blender to modify the texture not to just cut off at the building's edge. That mean that the 3D view had to be open as well as the UV image editor, but where it got strange is I would have the right texture open, but as soon as I entered Edit mode, it would switch to a different texture and I wouldn't notice it, because I was working with the same texture! Always always always double check that you are painting on the correct texture! Always!

   Another huge tip is to make sure that when you unwrap your objects, that you make sure they are unwrapped once and done - that at the most you only need to move the UV pieces and not need to scale. If you do need to scale, because of the texture's proportions, make sure you scale everything, or you will have to struggle to custom scale later. Keep your work as little as possible, then you'll work as fast as possible! :D

 - Sculpting on Make Human characters
   I am fairly new to sculpting in Blender. Previously, when I've tried to use it, I just made a mess of it, but, with the simple uses GOD prodded me to make use of it, and for quite a while, it is extremely user friendly when used in small amounts. Like I mentioned in the video, it is very helpful in getting those nostrils nice and neat, but it is absolutely the tool to use when you are doing chibi style character from Make Human. One of the biggest steps, changing the mouth, means you have to close that area with new faces and weight paint it. If it is not smooth, your shadows will show it. Sculpting is not an option here, it's a must, imo. See where sculpting can help your workflow improve and see your quality rise! :D

 - Tree exploding
Mentioned in the previous vlog, I wanted to get to the tree exploding this week. The closer to the end of the week, the more I realized I hadn't gotten to it yet. GOD kept reminding me and finally, last night I got to both it and the lightning bolt that progressively comes down! HE is so faithful and everything just worked! It took fine tuning, but the method HE had shown me, long before sitting down, worked. The same for the tree and the explosion, but wow on that flicker issue!!! This is not the first and I don't know why Blender sometimes struggles with shadows... Regardless, I am thankful that the tree exploding looks as cool as it does!! :D
GOD is awesome!!!

Speaking of, do you know JESUS? You need to more than you know! :)

Have a great one and GOD bless you!!!

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