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Caustics and fire

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, September 29, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey all!

Time for another vlog! Without any delay:

GOD is beyond amazing!!!

In this week's blog post, we'll be taking a small peak into how these things work. A lot of work goes into these videos every week and I am so privileged to be able to make them and teach you guys. I consider it an honor!

 - Fire

   When it comes to fire, it seems that few things are as frustrating to get right in 3D and make it look like it was drawn. One thing in particular that makes it so hard is it's reflective and breaking apart nature, which makes particles the ideal solution, just like in this video:

Now, using his particle shape, GOD has allowed me to be able to make fire that does break apart, at least to my knowledge and other people's views, correctly and I am so grateful for it.
    The other aspect to fire is it's complex material system. When you think of fire, you know just as well as I do that it is like a hot fluid that rises and is sometimes super intricate and can even distort whatever is behind it, because of the heat it gives off. All these things pose challenges to the 3D artist when it comes to 2D, as contradictory as that may sound.
Thankfully, GOD is always there and helps me get the right result! For fire, it was to use a mask and use what can be called a video screen-tone to "color" the fire. Worked brilliantly!

 - Grass
   Another one of those very touchy subjects when it comes to NPR, especially anime, because the painted backgrounds are exactly that, painted, not PBR, so faking it, without painting it is extremely difficult. GOD gave me a solution a short while ago, using the Environment lighting pass for add uneven shadows, but for grass you just isolate it and apply it with a higher contrast. It makes such a difference. I haven't tried it for something like inside corn fields where AO would be in abundance, but I do believe it will look amazing. :D

 - Caustics
   Caustics really did not come into play with the work from this week, however, the day after the tutorials went public, GOD gave me the answer regarding the initial texture used. I thought that I had no chance of getting a better texture, yet I knew that if GOD wanted to give it, HE would and oh did HE at the most unexpected time. When HE says HE will come at a time when we least expect it, HE means it. 3AM was the time when I least expected to be getting revelation on a better caustic texture! hahaha. This texture was very cool and of course after testing it I wanted to do a quick tip video or "appendix" to the caustics video, but GOD said no and gave me the release to do it with this week's vlog and it was very handy for this week's verse image!
   HE knows what we need before we do!

 - Verse images
   For a while now, GOD has had me make verse images to the degree that they can be posted on a weekly basis. This started about a year and a half to two years ago. You might think that would cover a lot of the Bible and while it does, it is nowhere near the whole! haha. Check them out here on the Cross Allegiance Facebook Page.

Know JESUS yet? You really should! :D

Have a great one and GOD bless you!

PS, for those of you who continually pray for this project, me and my family, I thank you! GOD bless you!

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