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Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, September 22, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey everyone!!

It's that time of the week again and wow did this week feel short! hahaha. Without further hold up, here's the video!

GOD is beyond awesome!!!

   Manipulation within reason
As with most people, their faces differ, but the question is how far does it need to be pushed in order to be a unique individual. Well, you can consider a few basics:
 - Overall head shape
 - Chin shape
 - Skinniness of the face
 - Eye corner angle
 - Eye distance
 - Nose length
 - Mouth size and shape
Beyond these, you also get a lot more, but these are the ones I generally focus on. You can look at this post to see how one chamberlain was the base for 6 total. For the magicians though, I focused on head shape, chin shape and skinniness and for two, on the eye corners as well.

   Number of them
I didn't choose 4 because I felt that that would be the appropriate number. Oh no, I wanted to do 5, because of certain things in that sort of field. I really felt strongly that GOD insisted on 4 and I do believe that it comes down to the actions of fallen angels. I've read a while ago, that 444 is the number of angelic activity, but I have zero scripture to back that up, but if by that association, GOD wanted to say that 4 means angelic activity, then the 4 magicians would refer to demonic activity. I don't know, I'm just relaying a theory and what I do feel led on, but I'm not all that clear on symbolism and numbers. I'm more literal :D! hahaha.

   What's missing
Now, the magicians tried to copy Moses in everything he was commanded to do (ito signs), but in order to even do just the first thing, they would need rods that can be turned into snakes. So yeah, still need to make them some rods and cobras.

This one was so fun and I open the video with it, so I'm just gonna leave it at that. What I will say though is, when GOD gave me the assignment for it, I was excited. I didn't think for a moment that it was impossible, because HE had, along with the assignment, given me some insight that it would need to be done with compositing, so yey! GOD is so great!!!

   Water ripple
Water ripples turned out to be a bonus, because the assignment was for caustics and GOD is always full of surprises, this just being one (or two, haha). I am so grateful, because, as you can see for Moses in the video, it means I can do things that I didn't even consider might be needed!

Moses accuracy:
   In the Nile
Now this is one that I don't have any clarity on from scripture itself. Generally, when you go to see someone and warn them and turn the water supply into blood, you tend to stay away from the water, but regardless, there will still be use for this technique as far as pharaoh's boat is concerned, the rowers, the frogs, etc. It will certainly not be wasted!

Haha, like I mentioned in the video, there is no record of Moses swimming. Considering that he lived on the water some years, it is quite possible that he knew how to swim and that he may have enjoyed it is not unlikely. Having said that, this will not be in the final, as it would be going beyond what is written (1 Corinthians 4:6).

Most importantly, do you know JESUS?

And that is it for this post!
Have a wonderful day and GOD bless you!!! :D

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