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A city in production

Posted by Marius Oberholster on Thursday, March 24, 2016 Under: WIP
Hey all!

I'm super excited to finally be getting to the next scene!! I've been working hard, obviously, to get it to where it is today, but this week, I have very little to show for it, in terms of a final result that's really nice!

So, I do get to share with you guys a few things from this week:

- Clouds
(not 100% what I wanted, but the closest yet, PRAISE GOD!)

Now, while this is not 100% the result I was hoping for, HE did command me to do a tutorial for it, which you can see down here. Includes the procedural texture SkyDome as well!

Because there is no description here, I want you to know about Andrew Price's Cloud Tutorial. GOD referred me back to it to improve the modeling for these, so do check that out!

Unfortunately, in the tutorial, I cannot take you through the whole thing to get exactly this result, but if you can do one cloud and composite it, you just model a few different ones, lay them out like you want and hit render! It's really as simple as that. The same with the Sky Dome. If you want it to look slightly different, you need to put in the effort.

Tutorials are always a balance between quality and speed - in this case, quantity became the problem, hahaha.

- Susa
Susa was an Iranian city, which today is the area. Unfortunately, because the city was destroyed (or mostly so), there are very little pictorial references that I can use. Even less that are public domain. So much so, that I have to use modern references of really old buildings in order to be able to make this.

I'm seriously reconsidering the method with which the city is made atm, because I feel it's not the standard of work I represent GOD with. However, atm, this is what I have to work with.

A bit of a ghost town atm. I still need to make characters and add objects to the streets and so on (and definitely shrink the windows, haha), but most importantly, I want to make more buildings, just to add more variety. I want to have about 5 or 6 distinct buildings that can be dispersed with more global variation in color. Unfortunately, clouds ate up this week, haha.

Can't say nothing was done! Goodness, hahaha. Hard week! haha

Have a great one and GOD bless!

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