We join Moses and Aaron after they and the elders of Israel have confronted Pharaoh to let the people go and of course, this was met with retaliation on Pharaoh's part. Follow the mighty hand of GOD as HE strikes Egypt to its core with the plagues and not only frees HIS people, but purifies them before bringing them out!

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   You'll find many useful tips for animation, simulation and probably some theological questions you didn't even know to ask will be answered!
Want to know more technical detail?

Join me in quite a few tutorials as we cover many topics related to anime and it's production in 3D, in Blender, and in Blender Render, Cycles and soon Eevee too!
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Follow progress along with the vlogs on each post. There is generally more in the blog post than I get to talk about in the vlogs!

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